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What is Instagram TV?


IGTV is a new Instagram feature for sharing video. It is similar to Instagram Stories, the only difference is you can upload videos about an hour and they won’t disappear after 24 hours like Instagram stories.

Instagram TV is accessible either from the standard Instagram app, or from the separate IGTV app. On the original Instagram app, you’ll see it as a TV icon in the top right, and it will be highlighted if there is new content for you.

Every IGTV account links to a corresponding Instagram account. The relationship between IGTV and Instagram is a lot like Facebook and FB Messenger. You’ve got two separate apps on your phone, but they both work together to make up that a complete package.

Like good ol’ fashioned television, IGTV has channels, which brands use however they like. You could create hour-long episodes of a long-term series, or use Instagram TV as an extension of your standard Instagram profile. Here are a few facts to keep in consideration:

  • Videos are vertical and full screen.
  • The full 60-minute recording time is only available to verified or large accounts.
  • IGTV videos play both in the IGTV app and Instagram app.
  • Swipe up call-to-actions are available in videos.
  • No ad options are available yet, but Instagram may be working on this.


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