The Internet has transformed many things since its inception, most important being communication around the world.The barriers that existed before the internet have been broken down as people now are more open and connected through the internet. Another area where the internet left its impact was businesses around the world. In a transformation where ways of communication changed, it was not long before that the customers of these companies around the world also evolved.


A relatively popular name amongst the customer service management players, Zendesk probably offers every single feature that you may require for a smooth customer service operations.

The tool believes in converting customer queries into conversations thus helping the business build healthy business relationships with their customers

a. Support
b. Explore (Analytics and Reporting)
c. Connect (Proactive Campaigns)

Alternative 1: FreshDesk

A cloud-based customer service portal, this platform comes along with a bundle of transformational features that your business would totally love. Amongst the first of its kind, FreshDesk really is a competing choice when it comes to offering a fantastic customer experience.

a. Customized Branding
b. Agent Collision
c. Gamification

Alternative 2:  UserEngage

UserEngage  is a platform built to improve your user engagement and increase conversion on every step of the sales funnel.

With a focus on efficient and secure communication, this platform is perfect for companies that believe in open channels of conversation that lead to meaningful results.

a. CRM
b. Chats and Messages
c. Marketing Automation

Alternative 3:

Another platform that offers unified customer services, Kayako follows a couple of objectives that make them a competitive choice.

Although not too great when it comes to an overall view, but the idea here is to bridge the gap between customers and the servicing teams, which is an excellent way to lead a product towards success.

a. Live Chat tools
b. Ticket Management
c. Custom Fields
d. Integrations

Alternative 4: Happyfox

Another helpdesk software that provides multi-channel customer support, Happyfox offers some seamless integration options and a vast knowledge base for customers to make the most of.

Following are the features offered on the platform:

a. Task Automation
b. Open Knowledge Base
c. Data and Analytics
d. Customization

Alternative 5: Helpshift

Helpshift has focused on the building a customer service portal that offers an in-app support- going completely mobile.

a. Smart Views
b. In- App Chat
c. Proactive Campaigns

Alternative 6:  Help Scout

Help Scout relies on building a helpdesk software which is more human and delivers personalized services through an effective communication.

a. Integrated Knowledge Base
b. Traffic Cop
c. Real Time Analytics and Reports

Alternative 7: Uservoice

Uservoice has been built to gauge and measure the customer feedback, basis which rest of the features can be applied to deliver better customer services.

a. Customer Satisfaction Feedback
b. User Insights
c. Self-Service

Alternative 8:  Groove

Another tool built to manage online customer support, Groove stands out for its simple design and ease of use. The objective on Groove is to convert support tickets into amazing customer experiences.

The platform is divided basis the services that the complete tool can offer. Each of these products then delivers with the help of certain features built for a particular use:

a. Ticketing
b. Knowledge Base
c. Support Widget

Alternative 9: Apptentive

Apptentive focuses no helping you build a brand that your customers would love. It’s a fact that an overall experience of using the product becomes a part of the entire brand building exercise. Hence, taking care of customer satisfaction here becomes crucial.

a.  Ratings
b. Personalized Notes
c. Actionable Insights

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