Saleforce Management Applications


Sales are all about building business relationships and striking meaningful conversations with a potential client to effectively turn him into a business customer. Salesforce is a technology that brought an enhanced version of a customer relationship management tool for the industry to make the most of. The technology has been built for sales professionals to help them analyze their target market, customer interactions and gauge their needs before pitching a business product to them.

The need for a CRM platform is real in every business. Salesforce has seen such a roaring success because they were one of the first companies to establish a CRM platform.

  • Cloud
  • Flexibility
  • Networking and Community Building
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Simplicity
  • Better Pricing


Look at some of the new entrants in the CRM category that are as competent when it comes to offering nifty features.

1. Nimble

Nimble, being another CRM in an already crowded market seems to have got that one thing right.

Feature Highlights

  • Staying Social With Scheduled Posts
  • Staying Relevant with Personalized Conversations
  • Updating with Advanced Search
  • Staying Connected with ‘Stay in Touch’
  • Emailing with Outlook Importer


2. Zoho CRM

Over the years, Zoho has emerged as one of the most popular CRM platforms for small businesses across the world.

Zoho CRM’s features can do for your business:

  • Avoid Duplicity
  • Process Automation
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Integration with Zoho Apps and Telephony
  • Zoho Surveys
  • Going Social

3. InfusionSoft

Firstly, the set up process for InfusionSoft is a bit on the difficult side of things.

  (a) Kickstarter Sessions

(b) Automated Marketing

(c) Sending Quick Mails

(d) Tracking Customer Activity

(e) Community Building and Networking

(f) Going Mobile

 4. GetBase

Considering the time boundaries, it is a wise idea to automate processes and to have all of them huddled together onto one single platform. Shuffling between application can delay your response time, and platforms like GetBase have been built to combat exactly that.

  • Automatic Built-in dialer
  • Email Intelligence
  • Lead Line-ups

 5. Freshdesk

A widely popular and quite an extensive platform, Freshdesk houses many products under its umbrella. One of them being a CRM which goes by the name of  FreshSales.

  • Event Tracking
  • Behaviour Based Segmentation
  • Third Party Integrations

 6. PipelineDeals

Another CRM built in the modern times to tackle sales challenges with advanced solutions, PipelineDeals  has a host of features that can successfully boost your sales.

  • Pipeline Overview
  • Automation
  • Account Customization

 7. ProsperWorks

While ProsperWorks  is not so widely known in the CRM industry yet, the product does have a few key features that could give some real competition to the top contenders. It has all essential features of a CRM but what makes it stand out is its tight integration with Google apps.

(a) Integration with GSuite

(b) Automated Tasks

(c) Sales Goals

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